Champagne  Regulations


N.M.  Négociant-manipulant
Most of the well known brands fall into this category. They are champagne houses who buy grapes in bulk to make their own champagne whose name appears on the label.

R.M.  Récoltant-manipulant)
This is a grower who grows his own grapes to make his own champagne. He may also sell grapes to others, and also buy in a proportion of grapes to augment his own production.

C.M.  Coopérative de Manipulation
A group of growers who produce champagne under their own brand name(s).

N.D.  Négociant-distributeur
A merchant that sells wine from other producers under his own brand.

R.C.  Récoltant-coopérateur
A co-operative member who sells a co-operative produced champagne under his own brand name.

M.A.  Marque d'acheteur of Marque Auxiliaire
Buyer's own brand. This is an "own label" name owned by a supermarket or wine merchant, and the champagne will be made for them by one of the above.
In the UK, these wines are known as BOB (buyer's own brand) and as 'private labels' in the USA.

S.R.  Société de récoltants
An association of a number of growers, mostly family, who pool their resources but who are not a co-operative.

R.      Récoltant

R.D.  Récemment dégorge




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