Label  Markings


- the name of the wine itself : CHAMPAGNE (in capitals). It is the only AOC wine in France which does not require the full "appellation d'origine contrôlée" formula,

- the name and address of the house, grower or the producer,

- the village of origin

- a term to describe the style of champagne, the degree of sweetness : Extra Brut, Brut, Extra-sec, Sec, Demi-sec and Doux

- the bottle contents in ml, cl of l or the different bottle sizes : quarter, half-bottle, bottle, magnum, …

- the alcohol by volume : between 10 % and max. 13 % by volume

- the matriculation number, prefixed by two initials indicating the status of the producer (N.M., R.M., C.M., …). The two letters denote the type of producer, whether a grower, a co-operative, a house.

- the word "France"

- the vintage : most champagnes are from several years, but when a vintage is stated the grapes must be from that year only.



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